Discover the Valley of the Kings in the West Bank of Luxor

Egypt is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world and this country has a fascinatingly rich and complex history. One of the best parts of your escorted tours in Egypt will be learning the stories and legends of the pharaohs and queens of ancient Egypt and marveling at their impressive tombs in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

Valley of the Kings, also known as valley of the secrets

Valley of the Kings, also known as valley of the secrets

One of the most awe-inspiring sites in Egypt in the West Bank of Luxor. This is where many tombs were built for the powerful pharaohs and nobles, filled with riches to accompany them into the afterlife. This setting has been a major focus of archaeological interest since the 18th century and the most well known is the tomb of Tutankhamen – one of the most famous archeological sites in the world.

All of the best Egypt tours will take you here, as this amazing collection of buildings gives a fascinating insight into the lives of the powerful leaders of ancient Egypt.

The hidden tombs of the Valley of the Kings

The hidden tombs of the Valley of the Kings

About the Valley of Kings

The Valley of Kings was created around 1539 BC and it was used until around 1075 BC. In total there are 60 tombs within the valley and they are for the pharaohs well as for their favorite nobles, their wives and their children. The Valley of the Queens was created around 1300 BC in the time of Ramses, but even after that some wives were buried with their husbands there.

The best tombs in the Valley of the Kings

The best tombs in the Valley of the Kings

Unfortunately, nearly all of the tombs have been opened up and robbed throughout the centuries – but even what is left behind shows the wealth and power of the pharaohs.

Tips for Visiting the Valley of the Kings

Bring a flashlight with you when you are visiting the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, as it is very useful for seeing the wall paintings and reliefs in the dark corners of the tombs. Also, make sure that you are wearing comfortable walking shoes as there are many stairs and sometimes you will be walking on uneven stone. Bring plenty of water with you as well as sunscreen and a sunhat for when you are walking between each of the tombs in the bright sunlight.

Amazing paintings in the Valley of the Kings

Amazing paintings in the Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings has a visitor center with toilets and a small-scale model of the entire valley, so that you can plan out where you want to go first. There is also a tourist bazaar near the visitor center if you need to buy snacks or cold drinks. Keep yourself hydrated, as the sun will be very hot! You may want to consider taking advantage of the little electric train that runs from the visitor center to the start of the tombs area. In the heat of the day it is worth it so that you can avoid the walk.

Tomb of King Tut in the Valley of the Kings

Tomb of King Tut in the Valley of the Kings

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