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What sets Osiris Tours apart?

Osiris Tours is a unique travel company – offering custom tours in the Middle East.

We cater to those who are fascinated by history, culture, art and architecture. We specialize in Egypt tour packages but we also offer private luxury trips to Jordan, Morocco, Dubai, Turkey,  and Lebanon.

We believe that every traveler is different, so every tour should be as well. Our custom guided tours are based around your interests and schedules. We know that your time is valuable, so we plan our private Egypt tours so that you can make the most of your visit.

Mahmoud Gebril, Founder of Osiris Tours

Mahmoud Gebril, Founder of Osiris Tours

Follow your curiosity and book a tour with us. Discover the sights and sounds of Egypt.

About Our Founder

Osiris Tours was founded by Mahmoud Gebril, who was born and raised in Egypt. He attended El Mina University in Upper Egypt and received a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Egyptian History and Tourism Management.

Mahmoud has always had a passion for foreign languages and ancient Egyptian history. He has a decade of experience as an Egyptologist tour guide for various travel agencies in Luxor. He has planned and guided hundreds of customised private tours for visitors from across the world.

Mahmoud moved to the USA in 2013 to continue his education at Wilmington University in Delaware, where he received a Master of Science in Business Management with a Concentration in Marketing.

Mahmoud knows all about Egypt, its culture, its history and its people, so he can use his firsthand knowledge to help you put together the ideal itinerary. His Master’s degree in marketing and his vast knowledge of the Middle East and Egypt means that he can offer a very high quality travel experience with these private, customized luxury tours.

Also, he has connections with the local drivers, hotels and tour guides. This means that he can get excellent deals. There is no “middle man” – Mahmoud only works with providers he knows and trusts so that he can guarantee quality and value for his clients.

Let us Take You on an Unforgettable Egypt Adventure

Let Egypt bring out the curious explorer in you. Dramatic pyramids, Roman trading outposts, sandy tombs, minarets and towering temples – there’s so much to see and so many intriguing historical tales to learn about. Plus, there’s the friendly and welcoming people who are some of the most gracious hosts in the world.

Our private tour guides all have degrees in Ancient Egyptian history. They will share fascinating stories about the past of this great nation.

Your tour will be completely unique and customized, so you can decide where to visit and how long to stay. Your guide can give you the real knowledge and insight that other travel guides cannot.

Because you will have a private vehicle and guide for the entire trip it will be much more relaxing and safe. Your guide can take care of all the little details throughout the day such as your transport through busy Cairo, choosing a great local restaurant and answering any questions you might have along the way.

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