See The Amazing Valley of the Queens in Luxor, Egypt

In the sweltering hot desert of Luxor, Egypt there lies a collection of tombs that house the remains of some of the most powerful women in the history of ancient Egypt. This is the Valley of the Queens and it is a must-see attraction on any private guided tours of Egypt.

The Valley of the Queens is where the wives of the Pharaohs are buried. In ancient Egypt it was known as Ta-Set-Neferu, which means“place of beauty.” Not only is this area the final resting place of many Egyptian queens, it also has tombs for other royal family members and some high officials. There are 80 different tombs in the area, but perhaps the most well known is the tomb of Queen Nefertari.

The Amazing Valley of the queens in the West Bank of Luxor

The Amazing Valley of the queens in the West Bank of Luxor

The Incredible Tomb of Queen Nefertari

The most spectacular tomb in the valley was constructed for Queen Nefertari, the principal wife of Ramesses the Great. She was one of the most highly respected women in ancient Egyptian times. She was well educated and had the ability to read and write hieroglyphs, which was a rare skill. Nefertari acted as a diplomat, using her reading and writing skills to correspond with other world leaders and royalty of the time.

While you are enjoying your Egypt tour packages and exploring the Valley of the Queens, visiting Nefertari’s tomb will be a major highlight. This lavishly decorated final resting place is one of the most spectacular in the Valley of the Queens. It is known as QV66 and it is covered with extraordinarily detailed paintings of Nefertari.

Nefertari's tomb in the Valley of the Queens

Nefertari’s tomb in the Valley of the Queens

In many of the paintings Nefertari is shown wearing a golden crown with feathers and a long white gown. Be sure to look for the mural near the stairs to the burial chamber, which depicts Nefertari offering milk to the goddess Hathor.

Other Tombs in the Valley of the Queens

You will want to dedicate a lot of time on your Egypt luxury tours to the Valley of the Queens, as there are so many stunning tombs to explore. For example, the tomb of Queen Titi is an impressive one. She is likely a queen of the 20th Dynasty and she is shown in wall paintings with the gods Isis, Atum, Thoth and Nephtys.

Another fascinating tomb is the Tomb of Amenherkhepshef. He was one of the sons of Ramesses III and he was only about nine years old when he died. The scenes painted within his tomb show him with his father as well as with the gods Thoth and Ptah.

Goddess Hathor was found in many tombs in the Valley of the Queens

Goddess Hathor was found in many tombs in the Valley of the Queens

Planning Your Visit

It is best to visit the Valley of the Queens as early in the morning as possible, as the heat can be extreme in the mid-afternoon. Wear comfortable shoes, bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen and a hat.

Our Egypt tours are flexible and customizable, so if there are any particular tombs you are interested in just let us know and we can adjust the tour to your desires.

The court Scene in the Valley of the Queens in Luxor


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