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From Pyramids to Palaces: Dressing Right for Your Egyptian Journey

Mahmoud Gebril July 25, 2019 Published in Egypt
From Pyramids to Palaces: Dressing Right for Your Egyptian Journey

What to wear in your Egypt private tour. The first question may come to our minds before we plan our next Egypt luxury tour. Traveling to Egypt will be an exciting adventure as there is so much to explore in this fascinating ancient land. While you are marveling at some of the incredible architecture built by one of the oldest civilizations in the world, what should you be wearing in order to make your trip more comfortable?

Before traveling to Egypt, decide on what to wear in Egypt for your comfort.

When you are deciding how to dress in Egypt, you will need to consider the climate and the culture of this destination. Egypt’s Muslim culture is conservative, which means that showing a lot of skin is not appropriate. The good news is that lightweight clothing that covers your extremities is not only a culturally acceptable choice but also a practical choice because it protects you from the hot sunshine. Check out our women’s packing guide.

Lightweight Layers Are the Best

Lightweight clothing that you can layer is the best option for what to wear in Egypt. Then, you can add intrigue to your outfit with colorful jewelry or a patterned scarf. Cotton is a great material because it breathes and will keep you cool in the heat. Women should avoid wearing tops that show cleavage or shoulders. A long and flowing skirt will be cool and comfortable and will also cover your legs. Check out our first-timer’s guide to Egypt.

Before traveling to Egypt, decide on what to wear in Egypt for your comfort.

Jeans are acceptable, but you might find them to be too uncomfortable in the intense heat of Egypt, so lightweight cotton trousers would be a better option. Other great clothing items to bring with you to Egypt include long maxi dresses and long-sleeve or ¾ length shirts. Men should wear long pants to religious sites and can wear T-shirts or long-sleeved shirts.

A shawl or sarong is a great item to bring along with you because you can use it to cover your shoulders or to wrap around your head if you visit a mosque or a church in Cairo where women need to keep their heads covered. You can pick up a shawl when you arrive in Egypt. There are many beautifully patterned ones available in the local marketplaces.

Before traveling to Egypt, decide on what to wear in Egypt for your comfort.

Bikinis and shorts are acceptable in some poolside and beach resort settings but not on the streets and in most towns and villages. It is important to respect the local culture when you are traveling in Egypt. You will feel more comfortable and get a much better reception from the locals.

Keeping Cool and Comfortable

Make sure that you bring along comfortable shoes for walking, as the Valley of the Kings or Valley of the Queens on the West bank of Luxor and the Temples sometimes have uneven ground, and you might have to walk over sand. Discover Luxor with our comprehensive guide to the finest accommodations, culinary delights, and shopping gems for an in-depth experience.

The sunshine is very hot and strong in Egypt, so bring along a good pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to keep your head cool. Remember to bring along sunscreen and reapply it often if you are sweating. Carry a day bag along with you in which you can keep your sunscreen and bottles of water, as it is very important to stay hydrated in the heat.
With the right clothes, you will be prepared to be as comfortable and culturally appropriate as possible during your travels.

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