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Turkey – Where Different Worlds Meet | Turkey Travel Guide

Mahmoud Gebril June 21, 2019 Published in Turkey
Turkey – Where Different Worlds Meet | Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey- Where Different Worlds Meet

Welcome to our Turkey travel guide. Turkey is where the East meets the West; this amazing country acquired its rich cultural heritage from the numerous invasions from different kingdoms. Turkey boasts of perfectly combining the cultures and legacies of the Mediterranean, Balkans, Middle East, and Central Asia.

From mosques to churches, from temples to Roman theaters, this country is a mixing pot of alluring cultural, architectural, and scenic beauty.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The locals are friendly; they will easily make a friend out of you, and you would find yourself getting many invitations to join them.

Even if they are doing so to try to sell their goods to you, they are genuine and warm, and the Turkish people have always had a reputation of welcoming people regardless of their background as they are used to a multi-ethnic and multi-religious culture.

The Magic of Istanbul

Istanbul, previously known to the world as Byzantium and Constantinople, is the most popular city in Turkey. This city is the main historical, cultural, and economic hub. This seventh-largest European city has a lot to offer to travelers during Turkey tours. One of the strategic points of this city is the historic Silk Road.

This city is divided into eight districts, and each of the districts is well known for its beautiful scenery and incredible history. This city is well connected, and it has bus, tram & metro services to use when you go to explore the monuments built during the times of various rulers from myriads of countries.

You should also visit the Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern, which will give you a mysterious feeling, the Hagia Sophia- the identity of Istanbul and the Topkapi Place. While on your Turkey luxury tour, remember to visit the hammam spots and enjoy the tulips and nargile while you are in the city.

Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Tureky
Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul, Turkey

Scintillating Izmir

Once known as Smyrna, the city of Izmir is known for its broad boulevards, modern shopping centers, and glass-fronted modern buildings. This place will give you the vibe of Mediterranean Europe without missing out on the traditional Turkish culture. You can reach there by air, by boat, by train or by bus.

The highlights are the Teleferik cable car, the Konak Square, which has the famous clock tower and mosque, the Asanor elevator that will take you to the top of the hill and let you have a fantastic view of the city and its beaches, the Alsancak where you can have the famous Turkish tea, the old castle on the hill in Kadifekale. While in Izmir, visit the souks to purchase souvenirs such as stone jewelry and carpets.

Izmir City in Aegean Coast of Turkey
Izmir City on the Aegean Coast of Turkey

Fly Through Cappadocia

If you are thinking of taking a Turkey custom tour and you want to go to a less populated area, visit Cappadocia. There, you will be greeted by the natural beauty of Turkey. There are various underground cities for you to visit; you can also visit the Selime Cathedral, the Zelve Open Air Museum, the Old Greek Houses, and the Rose Valley.

This city is known all over for the various hot air balloon rides that will help you get a surreal view of the beautiful landscapes by gently flying above them.

There are various cave hotels that will help you to experience something unique. These hotels are well-known throughout the world. Visit the local wine farmers and the wine factory. Cappadocia is one of the biggest wine producers in Europe and produces one of the finest wines.

Hot air balloons sunset, Cappadocia, Turkey
Hot air balloon flying over cave city rainbow in Cappadocia, Turkey

Do not forget to taste the specialty Jug Kebab and Manti, a food produced using minced meat, garlic sauce, and yogurt.

Now, if you love history and diverse culture, then Turkey is the best place for you to visit. This country is rich in culture, accumulated over time throughout the various reigns of various rulers from different parts of the world.

The next time you are walking in the streets of Istanbul or Cappadocia, remember to stand still and enjoy the grandeur of the country! Happy Traveling!