Traveling to Egypt and Sailing Down the Nile Like a Pharaoh

The Stuff of Legend

If you plan on traveling to Egypt, a cruise on the Nile is simply unmmisable; because of all the world’s great river cruising opportunities none are more evocative than a cruise on the magnificent Nile River. Dissecting the Sahara Desert from south to north until it spills its placid waters into the eastern Mediterranean, the longest river in the world is the stuff of legend. While the river’s source remains disputed, what has never been in doubt is the importance of the river in Egypt’s long and rich history, and its life-giving waters have been revered and honored for thousands of years, not least by the pharaohs.

Traveling to Egypt and sailing down the Nile

The beautiful Nobles tombs in Aswan.

We’ve all seen movies with iconic scenes of the beautiful Queen Cleopatra cruising with royal grace over the Nile’s calm waters, but you too could follow in her wake with a luxury tour to Egypt and enjoy a luxury Nile cruise of your own. By choosing one of our tailor made Egypt best tours, you and your traveling party can experience what it was like to live as a pharaoh, but with all the benefits of modern day luxury.

The Epitome of Tranquility

A cruise on the Nile is the epitome of tranquility, and from the comfort of your stunning cabin or under the sun above decks you can relax and watch the world go by, waving to the smiling kids playing on the shores and admire the farmers tilling their fields nearby. Life along the banks of the Nile has altered little over millennia, as the life giving waters of the vital river continue to flow and bring sustenance to the Egyptian people as it has done since time immemorial.

A Nile cruise ready to sail down the Nile. Best part to do while traveling in Egypt

A Nile cruise ready to sail down the Nile. Best part to do while traveling in Egypt

A Woven Tapestry of Nature

The colors of the Nile are distinct. Blue gray waters lap gently against the burnt orange of the dusty banks or the verdant greens of tall reeds that glow against the unbroken cerulean blue skies above, all to create a woven tapestry of nature unchanged since the time of Cleopatra herself.

A History Lover’s Dream

Our wonderful cruises sail between the ancient city of Luxor and Aswan, both memorable destinations in their own right. Luxor is a history lover’s dream, with so many legendary tombs and temples, most notably the Temple of Karnak and the Valleys of both The Kings and Queens. To explore Luxor is to literally step back in time.

Edfu Temple, The Cult of The Gods

Located on the Nile’s west bank at the mid-way point on the cruise is the iconic Edfu Temple, dedicated to a triad of Gods; Horus, Hathor and their son Hor-Sama-Tawy. The main temple has a 37m pylon, considered the highest surviving pylon in Egypt today, and is decorated with beautifully carved battle scenes honouring those Gods.

Ancient temple Edfu in Egypt, Entrance view

Ancient temple Edfu in Egypt, Entrance view

Temple of Kom Ombo

Aswan, famous for it’s modern High Dam, is home to the Temple of Kom Ombo, an unusual double temple constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty, 180–47 BC. Kom Ombo is dedicated to Sobek the crocodile god and Horus the falcon-headed god, and is one of the many stunning temples you’ll experience if you choose one of our Egypt tour packages while cruising down the Nile like a pharaoh.

Kom Ombo temple, it is dedicated to the god Sobek the crocodile-headed god and God Harroris

Kom Ombo temple, it is dedicated to the god Sobek the crocodile-headed god and God Harroris

Testimonials From Happy Travelers

My husband and I just got back from a 10 day trip in Egypt with Osiris Tours and had a fantastic time. We were looking for a custom, private tour and are so grateful that we found Osiris Tours. All company staff was incredibly professional, friendly, punctual and knowledgeable


Washington D.C.

I found Osiris on TripAdvisor after looking at another company with mixed success. 
I am so glad I found this priceless gem of a tour! I'm fairly well traveled but Egypt was like nowhere I've ever been.

Erik R.

Geneva, Switzerland

Our group 12 friends had high expectations for this trip -- a trip of a lifetime. Our expectations were met and exceeded! Starting in the Cairo airport, Osiris representatives took care of all visas and brought us to our hotel where we met our guide for our journey. We can't say enough wonderful things about our guide.


Concord, New Hampshire

We had an amazing trip to Egypt. It was even more amazing than I had envisioned. The tombs and temples in Luxor were unbelievable. It wouldn’t have been nearly as fabulous without Sam our tour guide who was with us from start to finish.


Birmingham, Alabama



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