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Once in a Lifetime Journey|Travel to Egypt and Jordan with Osiris Tours

Mahmoud Gebril April 19, 2020 Published in Egypt
Once in a Lifetime Journey|Travel to Egypt and Jordan with Osiris Tours

If traveling was defined, according to the media, you will never travel to Egypt and Jordan or even leave your comfort chair at home to go to Egypt and Jordan , you will miss visiting these incredible countries. 

Egypt is known worldwide as being the birth of civilization with a rich and ancient history and culture to explore. As for Jordan, the vibrant streets of Amman are full with life and the rest of the country is a hidden paradise on earth. Check our post about the must see attractions in Jordan here.

When it comes to traveling to Egypt and Jordan, Osiris Tours is the perfect operator for any traveler willing to truly enjoy this part of the world. Osiris Tours is a travel agency for tailored made luxury trips across Egypt plus custom private tours to Jordan, Turkey, Morocco etc.

statue around Edfu Temple of Horus
statue around Edfu Temple of Horus

In this post we will be uncovering Egypt and Jordan luxury private tour in  just 12 days

Osiris offers a custom tour package to Egypt and Jordan that covers Cairo, Nile Cruise, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Amman, Dead Sea and Petra. With Egypt being among the seven wonders in the world and Jordan been the most peaceful Arab country, this package is an incredible opportunity to discover both countries and understand their heritage.

These two magnificent countries are the best way to get introduced to the African continent and the Middle East.

Travel to Egypt and Jordan

Exploring Egypt from day 1 to day 9 while traveling to Cairo, Luxor, Nile and Aswan.

From the bustling city of Cairo, you can visit the Great Pyramids, ancient Memphis, Saqqara, the Solar Boat, Chephren Pyramid, and the famous Sphinx. After the visits to the sites, the desert is the next stop to explore the endless beauty of Egypt tours.

The next city is Luxor where you will visit the Karnak temple and the East Bank. After Luxor, the next stop is the Nile where the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens can be visited. With many tombs and temples, the Nile holds the heritage of many nobles.

After spending time visiting the ancient sites, it is time to sail to Aswan while enjoying the sunset.

Another thing about traveling in Egypt are the luxury hotels like Mena House, Sonesta Star Goddess and Four Seasons at First Residence where the 5-star amenities are the perfect places to enjoy dinner and the numerous sunsets and sunrises. Check our guide for Egypt luxury hotels here.

Jordan Private Tour

Exploring Jordan from day 9 to day 12 while traveling to Petra, the Dead Sea and Amman

The beautiful Jordanian city of Petra is known for its carved rock, architecture, natural stones and its ancient history of the Nabataeans.

The pink treasures of Petra show the ancient world and its heritage.

Al Khazneh - the treasury of Petra ancient city, Jordan
Al Khazneh – the treasury of Petra ancient city, Jordan

From Petra to Wadi Rum, the unbelievable scenery of Jordan can be enjoyed in every corner and let’s remember that the Dead Sea is a great witness of the deep heritage rooted in the country. 

While touring across the country, the 5-star hotels like Movenpick Petra and Kempinski Hotel Ishtar are great spots to relax and enjoy the view. Welcome to Jordan. Check out guide for best hotels in Jordan here.

Besides the heritage and the rich culture, this part of the world has an incredible cuisine with its colorful influences. And The local restaurants are open to citizens and travelers curious enough to taste the menus.

Panorama of resort on Dead Sea coast, Jordan
Panorama of resort on Dead Sea coast, Jordan

The great thing about booking a private Jordan tour from Osiris is that the process is easier when entering the country and the VIP treatment is well organized.

The experience of the company and its team have created many memorable trips across the world and a solid reputation among travelers. Osiris Tours have been around for decades and its well-trained tour guides allow travelers to truly experience the visited countries and unfold the hidden treasures.