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Egypt and Saudi Arabia Discovery

A Mesmeric Journey Through Egypt and Saudi Arabia's Ancient Marvels

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7 Days
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Osiris Tours Advantages

  • Immerse yourself in a journey carefully designed to seamlessly weave together the rich histories of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Our thoughtfully crafted itinerary ensures an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary tourist trail.
  • Unravel the mysteries of ancient Giza and Luxor with your private Egyptologist guide. Gain deeper insights into the historical significance of each site, allowing you to connect with the past on a profound level.
  • Indulge in the opulence of iconic hotels such as the Mena House and Winter Palace. Each accommodation is selected not just for comfort but to enhance your overall experience, providing a tranquil haven after a day of exploration.
  • Enjoy a stress-free arrival with included visa fees and dedicated airport assistance. Your journey begins smoothly, leaving you to focus on the enchantment that awaits.
  • Engage in immersive tours led by knowledgeable guides, unveiling the tales of ancient civilizations in Luxor, Cairo, Jeddah, and AlUla. Experience the architectural marvels of Karnak and Luxor Temples, Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, and more.
  • Savor authentic local flavors at each destination, from Egyptian delicacies in Cairo to Red Sea-inspired dishes in Jeddah. Culinary experiences are an integral part of your journey, adding a delightful touch to your exploration.
  • Create lasting memories with Osiris Tours, where each moment is meticulously curated for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Immerse yourself in the enchanting tapestry of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, leaving you with cherished tales to share.

Tour Overview

Unearth the Treasures: Explore Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Embark on an extraordinary adventure as you delve into the ancient wonders of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Your immersive journey kicks off in the vibrant city of Cairo, where a gracious welcome at the airport ensures a seamless entry into the mystical realm of the pharaohs. A regal transfer awaits, escorting you to the iconic Mena House Hotel, nestled majestically against the awe-inspiring Giza Pyramids.

Guided by a private Egyptologist, unravel the mysteries of ancient Giza before your journey leads you to Luxor. Here, the East and West Banks unveil a tapestry of history. Return to Cairo to explore the captivating Egyptian Museum and the bustling Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

Fly to Jeddah and surrender to the allure of the historic downtown, complemented by the delightful flavors of the Red Sea. Embark on an unforgettable maritime adventure with a boat tour to Bayada Islands and a charming bike tour along the enchanting Jeddah Waterfront.

A scenic drive to Taif presents panoramic views, setting the stage for an exclusive stargazing experience in the desert. Explore the captivating Old Town of AlUla and reveal the wonders of Hegra, Elephant Rock, and Dadan, culminating in your arrival at the spiritual oasis of Medina (Madinah).

Immerse yourself in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as you explore Dar Al Madinah and Al-Masjid al-Nabawi. Reflect in the serene courtyards, carrying the echoes of enchantment from AlUla, Luxor, Cairo, and Medina. Let the magic of Egypt and Saudi Arabia linger with you, creating memories to last a lifetime. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Safe travels!

Looking to explore the luxurious side of Egypt or Saudi Arabia? We’ve got you covered with our exclusive Egypt or Saudi Arabia Luxury Private Packages! If you’re interested in learning more about this tour or any of our other packages, we’re always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us anytime – we’d love to hear from you!

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The Nile River, Egypt The Nile River, Egypt
Abu Simbel Temple, Aswan Abu Simbel Temple, Aswan – Photo by Shreyas Nair
The hidden tombs of the Valley of the Kings
King Fahd’s Fountain, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia King Fahd’s Fountain, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia - 2 Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of Haidan


Day 1: Arrival in Cairo – A Grand Welcome to the Land of the Pharaohs

As you step off your flight and into Cairo International Airport, a warm and genuine smile awaits you from our friendly tour representative. Your journey into the heart of ancient wonders begins with a seamless process facilitated by our representative, who will guide you through the Egypt entry visa process with ease. Worry not, for the visa fees are already included, ensuring a hassle-free entry into this mesmerizing land.

Following this, a luxurious private transfer is arranged to whisk you away to the iconic Marriott Mena House Hotel. This historical gem, set against the backdrop of the Giza Pyramids, will be your tranquil haven throughout your stay in Cairo.

Upon arrival at the Marriott Mena House, marvel at the grandeur of its historic architecture, a blend of Victorian and Islamic influences, providing a captivating glimpse into the rich history that surrounds you. Allow the ambiance of the hotel to transport you to a bygone era, setting the perfect tone for the enchanting experiences that await in the days to come.

Upon settling into your lodging, take a moment to absorb the breathtaking views of the Great Pyramids from the comfort of your surroundings. The Marriott Mena House offers not just a place to stay but an immersive experience, immersing you in the timeless allure of Egypt.

Your evening is yours to enjoy at leisure, perhaps with a stroll through the hotel’s lush gardens or a moment of reflection as you gaze upon the silhouette of the Pyramids illuminated against the night sky. Your adventure has just begun, and the magic of Cairo is ready to unfold before you.

Accommodation: Marriott Mena House (5*)

Cairo Tower, Zamalek, Egypt Cairo Tower, Zamalek, Egypt – Image courtesy of Ahmed Ezzat
The Mena House is one of top hotels in Cairo Marriott Mena House, one of top hotels in Cairo
Marriott Mena House, Executive Club Lounge - Terrace, Egypt Marriott Mena House, Executive Club Lounge – Terrace, Egypt


Your second day in Egypt promises an immersive exploration of the wonders that have captivated humanity for centuries. Following a hearty breakfast at Mena House, your adventure begins with a personalized guided tour curated to provide a deeper understanding of Egypt’s rich history and architectural marvels.

Embark on a journey to the heart of Giza, where the iconic Great Pyramids rise majestically against the desert backdrop. Marvel at the sheer grandeur of these ancient structures, each a testament to the ingenuity of the ancient Egyptians. Your private Egyptologist guide will unravel the mysteries surrounding the construction and purpose of the pyramids, providing insights that go beyond textbooks.

Next, the tour takes you to the enigmatic Sphinx, a colossal limestone statue with the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh. Stand in awe as your guide unveils the theories and legends surrounding this mythical creature, considered a guardian of the pyramids.

The exploration continues with a visit to ancient Memphis, the capital of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Here, you’ll encounter the 34 ft. statue of the illustrious pharaoh, King Ramses II. Gain a deeper understanding of Ramses II’s significant impact on Egypt during his impressive 67-year reign.

Venture to Saqqara, a necropolis with a rich historical tapestry. Your private tour introduces you to the Step Pyramid of King Djoser, an architectural marvel that predates the more famous Giza Pyramids. Delve into the history of this 4,500-year-old pyramid, standing 200 feet tall, as you appreciate the intricate details of its design.

After the morning’s exploration, relish a well-deserved lunch at a local restaurant, savoring authentic Egyptian flavors that reflect the country’s culinary richness.

As the afternoon sun begins to cast its warm glow, embark on a new adventure to the Sahara Desert. Your guide will pick you up from Mena House before sunset, and you’ll traverse the desert on your chosen mode of transport – a majestic camel or a noble horse. This unique experience allows you to witness the sunset over the Giza Pyramids, creating a mesmerizing tableau of colors in the vast desert landscape.

Following the enchanting desert exploration, savor a delightful dinner at one of the renowned Bedouin restaurants. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and flavors of Bedouin cuisine while surrounded by the mystique of the desert.

As the day comes to an end, bask in the memories of Giza’s ancient wonders and the unique experiences that have filled your senses with the magic of Egypt. Return to the Marriott Mena House for a restful evening, eager for the adventures that await on the following day.

Accommodation: Marriott Mena House (5*)

Giza Necropolis, Egypt Giza Necropolis – Photo by Martin Widenka
The Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Giza The Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Giza
Ramesses II, Memphis Ramesses II, Memphis – Photo by Zigor Agirrezabala Vitoria
Djoser Step Pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt Djoser Step Pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt
Tourist riding camel while exploring desert in Egypt Camel Ride, Egypt – Photo by Spencer Davis


Commence your day with a private transfer from the Marriott Mena House to Cairo airport for a seamless flight to Luxor. Upon landing, our private transfer will smoothly transport you to the luxurious Winter Palace hotel, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

As you step into Luxor’s vibrant atmosphere, prepare for a custom private tour of Luxor’s East Bank led by a knowledgeable Egyptologist guide. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring historical tapestry that Luxor weaves.


Your exploration begins at the magnificent Karnak Temple, a colossal complex dedicated to the sacred Theban triad—God Amun Ra, Goddess Mut, and their son, God Khnsu. As you traverse the Sphinx Avenue, your guide will unravel the mysteries behind the colossal pillars, towering columns, and the significance of the avenue during the Opet Festival.

Karnak Temple transcends being merely a temple; it stands as an open-air museum, a testament to the contributions of over 30 pharaohs, including the likes of Hatshepsut, Ramses II, and King Tut. The grandeur of this site reveals itself through towering obelisks, massive sphinx-lined avenues stretching over a mile and a half, and a symphony of 1500 sphinx statues connecting Karnak to the Luxor Temple. Learn about the annual OPET festival, a symbolic honeymoon for God Amun Ra and Goddess Mut, celebrated through this sacred route.


Continuing your journey, visit Luxor Temple, a testament to the harmonious collaboration between kings Amenhotep III and Ramses II. Delve into the history of its construction, initially started by Amenhotep III and later completed by Ramses II. Ramses II’s massive statues guard the temple’s entrance, marking a fascinating tale of architectural continuity over different reigns.

As you explore Luxor Temple, envision the grandeur of the Sphinx Avenue that once linked it to Karnak. The temple is a testament to the city’s significance as a spiritual and political hub, reflecting its association with the Opet Festival.

Conclude your Luxor East Bank exploration enriched with insights into the intricate history, religious significance, and architectural marvels of Karnak and Luxor Temples. Return to the Winter Palace hotel, surrounded by the echoes of an ancient civilization, as you prepare for the wonders awaiting you in the days to come.

Accommodation: Sofitel Winter Palace (5*)

Karnak, Luxor, Egypt Karnak, Luxor – Photo by Kristina Tamašauskaitė
Karnak Hypostyle hall columns and clouds in the Temple at Luxor Thebes Karnak Hypostyle hall columns in the Temple at Luxor Thebes
Panoramic View from Karnak Temple Karnak, Temple Complex in Luxor, Egypt
Ramesses II Statue at Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt Ramesses II Statue at Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt


As the golden rays of the Egyptian sun begin to dance across the Luxor sky, your private Egyptologist guide awaits to lead you through a day of unparalleled exploration on Luxor’s West Bank.

Your journey commences at the Queen Hatshepsut Temple, a testament to the indomitable spirit of one of ancient Egypt’s most remarkable leaders. Queen Hatshepsut, a woman of intelligence and power, left an indelible mark on history during her 20-year reign. As you wander through the sprawling terraces and imposing columns, the tales of her reign come to life, narrated by the ancient stones that have witnessed centuries of history.

Leaving the queen’s legacy behind, the path leads you to the legendary Valley of the Kings, where the secrets of pharaohs and nobles are entombed in the embrace of the desert. With your guide, explore three tombs, each a unique chapter in the narrative of Egypt’s New Kingdom. Among them lies the tomb of the famed King Tut, still withholding mysteries that captivate the imagination.

King Tut, a boy king thrust into a position of power at the tender age of nine, navigated the complex political landscape under the watchful eyes of the priests of Thebes. His story unfolds within the intricate carvings and paintings adorning the walls of Luxor temples and tombs. The journey into King Tut’s tomb unveils not just a historical figure but a symbol of resilience and restoration.

Venturing deeper into the Valley of the Queens, discover the final resting places of Egypt’s queens, each tomb telling a story of strength, beauty, and grace. The ancient echoes guide you through a sacred landscape, offering a poignant glimpse into the lives of those who walked these hallowed grounds.

As the sun begins its descent over the West Bank, you emerge from the tombs with a profound sense of connection to Egypt’s regal past. The day’s odyssey concludes with the silhouettes of Luxor’s timeless monuments etched against the vibrant hues of the setting sun, leaving you with memories of a day immersed in the captivating tales of ancient royalty.

Accommodation: Sofitel Winter Palace (5*)

Djeser-Djeseru - Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Egypt – Photo by Jeremy Zero
Queen Hatshepsut statue in the West Bank of Luxor Queen Hatshepsut statue, Luxor
Valley of the Kings in the West Bank of Luxor Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt


As the morning sun casts its warm glow over Luxor, bid farewell to this ancient city and board a flight to Cairo, where a city of treasures and bustling markets eagerly await your arrival. Private transfer from Luxor airport to your Cairo hotel sets the stage for another day of enchantment.

Your private Egyptologist guide, a custodian of ancient tales, will lead you into the heart of history at the renowned Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. As you step into this hallowed space, the air becomes thick with the whispers of the past. Delve into the rich history and unparalleled collections that trace Egypt’s journey through time, revealing the secrets and stories etched into each artifact.

Ascend to the upper floor to enter the captivating gallery of King Tut. Here, under the watchful gaze of the young pharaoh, Howard Carter’s discoveries come to life. Marvel at the intricate details of the famous gold funerary mask, the ornate coffins, and the wealth of treasures that accompanied King Tut on his journey to the afterlife.

The evening unfolds in the vibrant tapestry of Khan El Khalili Bazaar, a labyrinth of narrow alleys and bustling stalls. As you step into this living museum of commerce, the aroma of exotic spices and the lively calls of shopkeepers beckon you to explore. Your private guide becomes a navigator through time, revealing the secrets of this ancient Arab souk.

Immerse yourself in the experience, where time seems to stand still amidst the myriad of goods on display. The spice market, with its kaleidoscope of colors and scents, invites you to select the finest spices to carry a piece of Egypt home. The air is filled with the symphony of merchants and shoppers, a timeless dance of commerce echoing through the ages.

As the sun sets over Cairo, your evening unfolds with a delightful Egyptian dinner at a local restaurant, where the flavors of the land become a feast for your senses. The day concludes, leaving you with the echoes of history, the vibrant colors of Khan El Khalili, and the taste of authentic Egyptian cuisine lingering in your memories.

Accommodation: Fairmont Nile City (5*)

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo, Egypt Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo – Photo by Mohamed Samir
King Tut, Egyptian Museum Golden mask of King Tut, Egyptian Museum
Khan el Khalili Bazaars Offers the Best Stuff Khan el Khalili

Day 6: Cairo – Jeddah Arrival & Al Balad Exploration

As the golden sun casts its warm glow over Cairo, bidding farewell to the ancient wonders of Egypt, you embark on a new chapter of your journey. A seamless private transfer awaits, gracefully whisking you from the Fairmont Nile City hotel to Cairo airport. Under the watchful eye of the Osiris Tours team, airport assistance ensures a smooth departure, setting the stage for your arrival in the enchanting city of Jeddah.

Jeddah, a jewel on the Red Sea coast, welcomes you with open arms. After checking into your hotel, the vibrant tapestry of Jeddah’s rich history unfolds before you. Your first stop is the Tayebat Museum, a treasure trove chronicling the city’s cultural evolution and ancient civilizations. Immerse yourself in comprehensive records, witnessing the stories etched into the very fabric of Jeddah.

Stepping into the heart of Jeddah’s historic downtown, architectural marvels stand as living testaments to a bygone era. Admire the intricate designs of old houses, each echoing the whispers of centuries past. The gold market on Gabel Street beckons, its glistening treasures reflecting the city’s enduring allure.

As the sun dips below the horizon, mosques like Aeen Faraj Yuser, Shafei, and Ukash unveil a captivating blend of spirituality and architectural splendor. Traverse through the old town, absorbing the soul-stirring ambiance that pervades the air.

With the rhythmic lull of the sea as your soundtrack, Twina Seafood restaurant offers a panoramic view of the seascape. Indulge your senses in a culinary journey, savoring delectable dishes that echo the flavors of the Red Sea. Each bite, a symphony of tastes, harmonizing with the gentle sea breeze.

The evening winds down, leaving you captivated by the fusion of old-world charm and contemporary allure that defines Jeddah. As you retire to your accommodations, the anticipation of the coming days lingers—a promise of more discovery, adventure, and cultural immersion.

Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam, an IHG Hotel (5*)

Jeddah Waterfront, Saudi Arabia Jeddah Waterfront, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Tayebat Museum, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Tayebat Museum, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Al Balad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Al Balad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority


The day begins as you gather at the meeting point, a sense of anticipation hanging in the air. Board a boat that will carry you away on a rhythmic dance across the azure waters to the enchanting Bayada Islands. The boat ride, a harmonious blend of gentle rocking and the melodious lapping of waves, offers a perfect prelude to the natural wonders awaiting your discovery.

As the boat navigates through the crystal-clear waters, the splendor of Jeddah’s seascape gradually unfolds before your eyes. Islands, adorned with lush greenery and embraced by the shimmering sea, beckon you to explore their hidden corners. Feel the invigorating sea breeze against your face as you stand on the deck, absorbing the tranquility that only the open sea can provide.

Upon reaching the Bayada Islands, the world beneath the surface invites your curiosity. Equip yourself for an exhilarating session of snorkeling, immersing into an underwater realm adorned with vibrant coral gardens and a kaleidoscope of marine life. The vibrant hues of fish darting through the corals create a living masterpiece, captivating your senses.

For those seeking more profound aquatic adventures, diving opportunities abound. Plunge into the depths and discover the secrets held by the ocean floor, where ancient corals and fascinating marine creatures coexist in a delicate balance.

After the invigorating water activities, a delectable lunch is served, a moment to savor both the flavors and the camaraderie forged during the day’s exploits. Relish the fresh sea breeze and the sun-kissed ambiance as you share tales of your underwater encounters with fellow travelers.

Back on dry land, the adventure continues with a leisurely return to the hotel. However, the day is far from over. As the sun begins its descent, embark on a bike tour along the picturesque Jeddah Waterfront. Feel the rhythm of the city as you pedal along, absorbing the breathtaking views of the Red Sea at dusk. The soft hues of the evening sky paint a mesmerizing backdrop for your exploration, creating a canvas of colors that blend seamlessly with the city lights.

Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam, an IHG Hotel (5*)

Bayada Islands, Saudi Arabia - 1 Bayada Islands, Saudi Arabia
Bayada Islands, Saudi Arabia - 2 Bayada Islands, Saudi Arabia
Bayada Islands, Saudi Arabia - 3 Bayada Islands, Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Waterfront, Saudi Arabia Jeddah Waterfront, Saudi Arabia


As the sun rises, get ready to embark on a journey to Taif, located 144 miles (232 km) away from Jeddah, where exquisite landscapes await to take your breath away. The road ahead unfolds like a mesmerizing tapestry, revealing the Kingdom’s natural beauty at every turn.

Your drive takes you through the picturesque Wahba Crater, a colossal dormant volcanic crater that stands as a testament to the Earth’s geological marvels. Take a moment to absorb the awe-inspiring scenery that surrounds you, with rugged terrain and expansive vistas creating a visual symphony.

Upon reaching Taif, the city welcomes you with its mountainous charm and pleasant climate, providing a refreshing escape from the coastal plains. Lose yourself in the city’s unique culture and ambiance, as you explore its hidden gems and immerse yourself in its natural wonders.

Lunchtime beckons you to savor delicious cuisine amidst the enchanting beauty of Taif’s natural wonders. Whether it’s the local flavors or international dishes, the culinary experience will complement your overall sensory journey.

As the sun sets, indulge in a sumptuous dinner surrounded by Taif’s natural splendor. The twilight hues cast a magical glow over the mountains, creating a breathtaking atmosphere that will stay with you forever.

Conclude this full-day Taif adventure with a sense of fulfillment, having explored not just a city, but a realm of natural wonders and cultural richness that defines the uniqueness of this Saudi Arabian gem. Return to Jeddah, carrying the essence of Taif’s beauty and tranquility with you, inspiring you to embark on more journeys that enrich your soul.

Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam, an IHG Hotel (5*)

Al-Hada Mountain in Taif, Saudi Arabia Al-Hada Mountain in Taif, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Al Wahbah Crater in Taif, Saudi Arabia Al Wahbah Crater in Taif, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Saysed Park in Taif, Saudi Arabia Saysed Park in Taif, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority


Nestled in the heart of the Saudi Arabian desert, AlUla beckons with a rich tapestry of history, and today’s exploration promises to be extraordinary.

Once you’ve made it to your lodgings, be sure to take a few moments to unwind and bask in the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of this ancient city. Later, begin an immersive journey through time as you set foot in the enchanting AlUla Old Town. Meander through narrow alleys, lined with nearly 900 well-preserved houses and 400 quaint shops, each narrating tales of centuries gone by. Admire the intricate architecture, marvel at the craftsmanship that has withstood the test of time, and delve into the captivating history that echoes through the stone walls.

As the day gracefully transitions into night, escape the modern world and venture into the desert’s heart for an awe-inspiring stargazing experience. AlUla, far removed from urban light pollution, unveils a celestial spectacle that has enthralled desert dwellers for generations. Under the vast canvas of the night sky, immerse yourself in the tranquility and serenity that only a desert night can offer.

Let the constellations tell their ancient stories, connecting you with the celestial wonders above. The night becomes a journey through time and space, offering a unique perspective on the universe that captivates and inspires. To complement this celestial voyage, relish a delectable dinner under the starlit canopy, adding a touch of magic to an already enchanting day.

Accommodation: Husaak Adventures AlUla Glamping

AlUla Oasis, Saudi Arabia AlUla Oasis, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Local market in old AlUla, Saudi Arabia Local market in old AlUla, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Stargazing experience at AlUla, Saudi Arabia Stargazing experience at AlUla, Saudi Arabia


After a sumptuous breakfast, your guide will pick you up for a thrilling adventure to explore AlUla’s most precious historical treasures. Your first destination will be Hegra, an ancient city constructed by the Nabatean civilization over two millennia ago, which functioned as a hub of commerce. This expansive UNESCO World Heritage Site is packed with intricate tombs carved into golden sandstone cliffs that tower over the desert floor and are exceptionally well-preserved.

Subsequently, you will be wowed by the reflective frontage of the architecturally stunning Maraya Concert Hall before taking a break for a delectable lunch. Following lunch, you will take a brief ride to the fascinating remains of Dadan, the capital city of the Dadanitic and Lihyanite Kingdoms that ruled during the first millennium BC. As you wander through the debris that once constituted temples, dwellings, and gates, you will decipher the messages of ancient graffiti etched into the rocks.

As the scorching sun begins to set, you will continue on to see the enormous sandstone Elephant Rock formation, where centuries of weathering sculpted a shape that strikingly resembles its namesake. With breathtaking images of AlUla’s cultural and natural magnificence fresh in your memory, you will return to your resort feeling revitalized and inspired after a day immersed in the region’s ancient past.

Accommodation: Husaak Adventures AlUla Glamping

Tomb of Lihyan Son of Kuza, Hegra, Saudi Arabia Tomb of Lihyan Son of Kuza, Hegra, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Maraya Concert Hall, AlUla, Saudi Arabia Maraya Concert Hall, AlUla, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Elephant Rock, AlUla, Saudi Arabia Elephant Rock, AlUla, Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of the Saudi Tourism Authority
Discover the perfect fusion of ancient Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s cultural allure. Unveil mysteries, explore vibrant cities, and marvel at ancient wonders. A transcendent luxury tour awaits, blending heritage, landscapes, and cultural treasures.


As the golden hues of dawn welcome you to Medina (Madinah), feel the serenity enveloping you as you step onto the sacred land. A dedicated Osiris Tours representative extends a warm welcome, ensuring a seamless transition from the airport to your hotel, where the essence of Medina’s rich spiritual heritage begins.

With the first rays of sunlight, embark on an illuminating and spiritual excursion around this blessed city. Begin your journey at Dar Al Madinah, a place that encapsulates the soul of Islamic culture. Here, an enlightening exhibition on the biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) unfolds, featuring a collection of ancient manuscripts and valuable documents. As the narrative unfolds, immerse yourself in the life and teachings of the Prophet, gaining profound insights into the foundations of Islam.

Following this enriching experience, venture towards the heart of Medina – Al-Masjid al-Nabawi. This sacred site, the second most revered in Islam, stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and spiritual significance. Admire the grandeur of the mosque, its towering minarets, and the vast expanse that has borne witness to centuries of devotion.

In the presence of Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, the serenity is palpable. Take a moment to reflect, offering prayers and connecting with the profound spirituality that permeates the air. The intricate details of the mosque, from the Prophet’s Tomb to the beautiful architecture, serve as a reminder of the enduring legacy of Islam.

As the day unfolds, explore the facilities within the mosque, taking in the tranquility of the surroundings. Engage in quiet contemplation in the serene courtyards, appreciating the timeless beauty that surrounds you.

Accommodation: Le Méridien Medina (5*)

Medina, Saudi Arabia - 1 Medina (Madinah), Saudi Arabia
Dar al-Madinah Museum, Medina, Saudi Arabia Dar al-Madinah Museum, Medina (Madinah), Saudi Arabia
Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia - Sulthan Auliya Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina (Madinah), Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of Sulthan Auliya


As you watch the sun rise over Medina, marking the end of your incredible journey, our team is there to ensure a smooth transition to the airport. Up in the sky, you can see a breathtaking montage of scenes from AlUla, Luxor, and Cairo, and memories of stargazing in AlUla and exploring ancient tombs echo in your mind.

At the airport, our team ensures that your departure is as seamless as possible, so you can take the magic of your Middle Eastern odyssey with you as you board your flight. Let the essence of these lands accompany you, and promise to return in the whispers of the wind.

As you soar towards the horizon, take in the stunning landscapes that have become a part of your personal story. As your journey comes to a close, may the resonance of the magic you’ve experienced stay with you, always resonating in the heart of your adventures. Safe travels, and may the enchantment of Egypt and Saudi Arabia continue to inspire you wherever you go next.

Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina (Madinah), Saudi Arabia Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina (Madinah), Saudi Arabia – Image courtesy of Mohammed Zayed
Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport


Marriott Mena House (5*) – Cairo, Egypt

Marriott Mena House in Cairo is a luxurious hotel with a rich history. It has hosted many notable guests since 1869, including royalty and political leaders. The hotel is located near the Great Pyramids of Giza and offers stunning views of them from its rooms.

It also has banquet and conference facilities for up to 1000 guests, recreational activities, and a fully-equipped spa and fitness center. The hotel is renowned for its luxurious interiors decorated with exquisite antiques, original art pieces, and magnificent antiques.

Sofitel Winter Palace (5*) – Luxor, Egypt

The Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor is a 5-star hotel built in 1886, situated on the Nile River surrounded by tropical gardens and ancient temples. The palace served as a retreat for the Egyptian Royal Family and is famous as the place where Agatha Christie wrote her novel Death on the Nile. The hotel has hosted dignitaries, artists, and celebrities over the years. Luxurious suites offer stunning views of the Valley of the Kings, and the hotel’s architecture blends colonial design with Pharaonic grandeur.

Fairmont Nile City (5*) – Cairo, Egypt

The Fairmont Nile City is a luxurious 5-star hotel situated on the banks of the River Nile, blending modern design with Cairo’s charm. With 542 guest rooms and suites, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the city or the Nile River. The hotel boasts fine dining restaurants, a spa, and health club facilities, as well as unique rooftop and children’s pools. It’s the perfect location for a romantic escape or to explore nearby attractions such as Al-Azhar Mosque, the Egyptian Museum, and the Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam, an IHG Hotel (5*) – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Discover luxury at the Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam. Located in the heart of Jeddah, the 5-star hotel blends contemporary opulence with traditional Arabic design. Enjoy exceptional services and facilities, such as a spa, outdoor pool, and exquisite restaurants. The hotel is strategically positioned near Al Madinah Road and Prince Sultan Road. Explore Jeddah’s landmarks and cultural vibrancy, with the iconic Floating Mosque just 5.9 km (3.7 miles) away. The well-appointed rooms feature a desk, flat-screen TV, and thoughtful amenities in the private bathrooms.

Husaak Adventures AlUla Glamping – AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Experience enchanting desert living at Husaak Glamping in AlUla. This unique campground blends nature and comfort, offering tranquil glamping units surrounded by palm tree fronds and a golden sandstone mountain. Enjoy a magical palm tree canopy and birdsong from thoughtfully designed glamping tents featuring double beds and eco-friendly lanterns. Modern amenities like wifi and shared facilities are included. Let the magic of the desert unfold around you.

Le Méridien Medina (5*) – Medina, Saudi Arabia

Le Méridien Medina is a luxurious hotel located near the King Fahad Quran Printing Press and the Al Masjid an Nabawi Mosque. The accommodations are elegantly designed with Italian marble, contemporary amenities, and traditional Saudi Arabian accents. The hotel features the Al Roshan Restaurant serving international cuisine, a traditional Arabic tent for a unique dining experience, and a full-service spa for indulgent massages.

Marriott Mena House Marriott Mena House
Marriott Mena House, Cairo, Egypt - 2 Marriott Mena House, Cairo, Egypt
Sofitel Old Winter Palace Luxor Hotel Sofitel Old Winter Palace Luxor Hotel
Fairmont Nile City Fairmont Nile City
Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam, an IHG Hotel - 1 Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam, an IHG Hotel
Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam, an IHG Hotel - 2 Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam, an IHG Hotel
Husaak Adventures AlUla Glamping - 1 Husaak Adventures AlUla Glamping
Le Meridien Medina 1 Le Meridien Medina