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Why NOW is the Best Time to Visit Egypt

Mahmoud Gebril August 13, 2016 Published in Egypt
Why NOW is the Best Time to Visit Egypt

Why NOW is the Best Time to Visit Egypt

With all the troubles around the world these days, many tourists are thinking twice about booking vacations, especially to the Middle-East, and while this might be sensible for the countries experiencing conflict, this couldn’t be further from the truth regarding Egypt.

Egypt is at peace, and while many tourists are staying away, many more rightly consider it the perfect time to visit our beautiful country, capitalizing on the multiple benefits of visiting a country while others are not.

Best time to visit Egypt and enjoy its amazing pyramids and temples
Best time to visit Egypt and enjoy its amazing history

Like Disneyland, Without the Queues

Think of it like this: there’s nothing worse than going to Disneyland and then waiting in line for hours to enjoy the rides, or hustling around the Louvre Museum in Paris, but only getting a tiny glimpse of the Mona Lisa because of the thousands of other tourists standing in your way. Imagine walking around Disneyland or the Louvre without the crowds, and that’s how it is in Egypt right now.

For decades, even centuries, tourists have flocked to visit the legendary pyramids of Giza, and the magnificent temples of Luxor and Abu Simbel, not to mention exploring the mysterious valleys of the kings and Queens. And because of their justified fame, those amazing sites are often over crowded. And that’s why now is the perfect time to visit.

With way less tourists than usual, as you gaze up at the mighty Pyramid of Cheops you will feel as if you have the place to yourself, and you’ll experience your very own private audience with the enigmatic Sphinx. Likewise, one of the many highlights of traveling to Egypt is shopping at the markets in old Cairo, but when they are packed with tourists it can be a stressful event.

But with less shoppers to contend with, not only are the narrow lanes of the souks less chaotic, the friendly vendors are much more keen to accept your haggling skills and strike a bargain with you. Of course, with the economy in a dip prices are lower than ever, and you will leave the souk laden with beautiful goods of all kinds.

Best time to visit Egypt and enjoy its amazing history
Collage of beautiful Alexandria, Egypt

In The Company of Ghosts

On the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, you can enjoy a stroll around the legendary Valley of the Kings, with no one but your traveling partners and your personal guide, and perhaps the ghosts of long dead pharaohs and explorer Howard Carter for company.

With such freedom of movement you won’t feel rushed, and can take as much time as you like exploring Queen Hatshepsut’s spectacular temple, or the tomb of the boy king, Tutankhamen.

Over on the east bank of the Nile is Luxor, home to the magical temple of Karnak. This hugely popular site usually swarms with tourists, but on your visit you’ll be able to wander among the massive hypostyle halls and around the gigantic columns alone, giving you the chance to appreciate their magnificence in peaceful solitude, a rare opportunity in such a popular tourist destination.  

It is the best time to visit Egypt and sail down the Nile
It is the best time to visit Egypt and sail down the Nile

Mutual Benefits

And not only are our ancient monuments and temples less crowded, but because of the reduced numbers of tourists our prices at Osiris are currently discounted. Tourism is the very backbone of the Egyptian economy, and is one of the country’s biggest employment sectors. Thus, not only will you enjoy the trip of a lifetime on one of our Egypt luxury tours, but you’ll be helping the country’s wonderful people at the same time.