Are you planning a long-awaited trip to Egypt? Then you’ll need our comprehensive packing guide.

If you’re planning to visit Egypt anytime soon, you’re probably thinking about Egypt packing guide and the dress code (what you should and shouldn’t wear in Egypt), which necessities you should pack in your luggage, and which you should leave at home. If you plan to book an Egypt tour package, you should have an itinerary ahead of time, knowing in advance where your travels will take you. That alone will help you make decisions when packing. As with any trip, the weather will play an essential role in what you pack for Egypt. 

Weather in Egypt

Since Egypt’s weather varies depending on the area of the country and the time of year you visit, the dates of your trip will dictate which items make it into your suitcase. With basically two seasons – summer and winter, with the coldest months being November through March – narrowing down your packing list, based on the month of your trip and the Egypt destinations you intend to visit, should be a snap. 

Before traveling to Egypt, decide on what to wear in Egypt for your comfort.

Before traveling to Egypt, decide on what to wear in Egypt for your comfort.

Bear in mind, the summer months in Egypt can be stifling. Temperatures can soar in the 100s and humidity can hover around 60 percent in August. That makes for a hot and steamy experience at the Pyramids and other attractions. For this reason, many travelers opt to visit Egypt between November and March when the temperatures are considerably cooler, usually hovering in the 60s and 70s by day and dropping to the 40s and 50s at night. In which case, a jacket should find its way into your luggage. April is also milder than the summer months, but temperatures can still make their way into the high 70s and 80s in the daytime but cool down after dark.

Dress code in Egypt

Egypt is a Muslim country, and therefore, generally conservative. In most places, women will be covered from head to toe. In some progressive areas of Cairo, women may appear more westernized in their appearance. They might not wear abayas or hijabs, but that isn’t typical of Egyptians. Paying attention to wardrobe choices is an excellent way to tell the locals from visitors. Check out our women packing guide here.

While travelers won’t need to dress like Egyptians, all tourists should respect the country’s culture and dress appropriately. Clothing should be loose-fitting and modest. Leave the tank tops, mini-skirts, short shorts, body huggers, plunging necklines, and sheer clothing at home. Women should be prepared to cover their shoulders outside of resorts and beaches and cover their heads inside the mosques. Mosques should loan the necessary garb for women, but keep a pashmina in your bag just in case.

Photo Credit: A Travel Blog for solo Travellers

Photo Credit: A Travel Blog for solo Travellers

When you’re at the resort or on the beach, though, the modesty rules don’t apply. Bathing suits (even bikinis) are fine for a day of sunbathing, and strappy sundresses and cut-out pieces are acceptable while in the resort. Be prepared to change clothing for your adventures throughout Egypt, though. Even while you’re on an Egypt private tour, you should follow the dress code. 

Basic shopping and packing tips for your Egypt trip

To stay cooler in hot months, stick with natural fibers and avoid synthetics. Light-weight, breathable cotton and cotton/linen blends will become your best friend in Egypt. 

White or very light-colored garments will dirty easily because Egypt is in the desert and quite dusty. Stick with colors and medium-colored neutrals. In summer, avoid black or very dark colors, as those will attract heat, and could make you feel warmer.

Comfy flat walking sandals may be better than sneakers in the warmer months, allowing feet to breathe.

Forgo the high heels in Egypt. Old streets and walkways don’t lend themselves to skinny high heels. Stick with flats, low heels and wedges, if you must.

Travelers in Luxor Temple

Travelers in Luxor Temple

In winter months, you’ll need a sweater or jacket in the evenings when temperatures can be 50 degrees or below. Layering may work best.

If you booked a luxury Egypt tour package, some itineraries might include meals at fine dining restaurants. Select a few smart outfits for nighttime outings. Check out our guide about things to know before visiting Egypt.

Now let’s move on to the essentials to pack for Egypt. Below, a list of wardrobe basics for both women and men. Let’s start with women.

Women’s Clothing Essentials for Egypt

Maxi-skirts or skirts below the knee

Long, flowy dresses

Palazzo pants

Cropped pants 


Three-quarter sleeve shirts

Button-up blouses

Pashmina or large scarf

Bathing suit and cover-up


Wide-brimmed straw hat

Comfortable, cool walking shoes

Flip-flops for the beach or pool

Breathable tennis shoes

Dressier shoes, flats, low heels or wedges for evenings out

Small cross-body purse for evenings


Costume jewelry

Basic watch 

Hair accessories to keep hair back on hot days

(If you plan to visit in cooler months, add a pair of jeans, cardigan sweater, warm scarf, beanie, and windbreaker type jacket.)

Workout clothing (in case you want to exercise in the hotel fitness center)

Tote or day bag

Now, on to the gentleman. You’ll see that packing for guys is a bit easier.

Men’s Clothing Essentials for Egypt

Khaki pants 

Knee-length shorts

Breathable dress slacks


Golf shirts

Button-up shirts



Breathable tennis shoes

Flip-flops for the beach or pool

Driving shoes of loafers for evenings out

Swim trunks


Basic watch 

Baseball hat (or another hat to protect your face from the intense sun)

(If you plan to visit Egypt in cooler months, add a pair of jeans, pullover, scarf, beanie, and windbreaker type jacket.)

Workout clothing (in case you want to exercise in the hotel fitness center)

Backpack for day trips (optional)

Travelers in Queen Hatshepsut Temple

Travelers in Queen Hatshepsut Temple


Other Essentials to Pack for Egypt

Sunscreen (30 SPF or higher) to combat the intense sun in Egypt

Hand Sanitizer


International cell phone and charger

Power Bank to recharge your phone during a day of sightseeing

Universal travel adapters (I recommend two in case one fails)

Camera (You’ll have your phone camera, but invest in a compact digital camera to capture the highlights of your trip.)


Refillable water bottle (to keep water cooler than throwaway plastic bottles)

Travel pillow for sleeping on the plane

A fold-up bag to bring back all the souvenirs you’ll find shopping at the souks

$25 in cash (USD) to pay for a visa upon arrival

Egyptian pounds

Debit card for additional currency

No foreign transaction fee credit card

You are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy your trip to Egypt in 2020!

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