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The most exciting thing about where to go in Egypt tours is the endless possibilities. The country on its own has managed to impress many travelers around the world who are curious about Egypt’s history and its significance.

The Egyptian wonders are here to stay and what better way to truly enjoy them than traveling for a week across this spectacular Mediterranean country.

Because of the booming tourism sectors, there are several companies available to guide travelers to choose the perfect package according to their time and expectations. Among the many Egyptian Tour Packages available, one of the most popular is the 7 Day Private Tour through some of Egypt’s most loved sites

Egypt is Lifetime Trip
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Egypt is Lifetime Trip

Their tailor-made tours allow travelers to discover the magic surrounding the Great Pyramids and the feeling of the Ancient Egypt. Even with our extensive experience in traveling, Egypt still one of these countries where we enjoy having a guide and an Egyptologist to share the hidden secrets of the country with us.

visit ancient egyptian temples on a private tour
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Temple of Kom Ombo during the sunset, Egypt. It’s dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Haroeris

And the experience of Osiris Tours in this type of tours is undeniable. Besides the experience, you will also appreciate the personal details, the private immigration process when you arrive at the airport, the 24/7 support at your disposal and of course our luxury hotels with incredible views. What else will you need?

Here are the Highlights of the 7 Day Travel itinerary with Osiris Tours

Day 1 – Hitting the Ground and getting some Rest When arriving in Cairo, one of the team from Osiris Tours will be waiting for the expected travelers to help them through the immigration process, pick up their bags and guide them to their private chauffeur. After leaving the airport, the travelers are dropped in Giza at the 5 star hotel, Mena House.

This first night is about regaining energy after a long trip, relaxing at one of the bar to have a drink or dine while watching the Great Pyramids. The hotels itself holds a history and the marks of Ancient Egypt are everywhere to be found.

Day 2 – History, Personal Service and Pyramid Adventures

With your Egyptologist, you will learn about the history of the Great Pyramids and its entry, the Sphinx and the Solar Boat. The Djoser Step Pyramid is in Saqqara where you will be heading after the Great Pyramids.

visit the sphinx
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The Great Sphinx in Egypt

You will have to keep in mind that this day is full with the history of Egypt. After Saqqara, you will be heading to the place that saw the birth of the ancient Egyptian civilization, Memphis. After that, you can relax and enjoy lunch in one of the local restaurants. 

After all your adventures, you can choose to ride a horse or camel to enjoy the sunset around the desert and head to the restaurant for a dinner with an incredible view of the Great Pyramids.

Day 3 – The Nile like you have never seen it before

It is time to flight to Aswan. Again, Osiris representative will take care of everything from your transfer to the airport to the pick-up at your arrival. In Aswan, You will be visiting the Philea Island on your private boat, sightseeing the High Dam, the Obelisk and the Nile.

In the afternoon, your private guide will pick you up for your Nile cruise with a felucca where you will get to see the city of Aswan and its rich history.

After your cruise, you can head to your 5 star hotel, Sonesta Star Goddess. Here you can relax and enjoy your dinner cruise and your Nubian show.

Day 4 – Ancient Temples and Authentic Hospitality

While enjoying your cruise, you will be heading from Aswan to Luxor to explore the Kom Ombo temple while having your breakfast on the sundeck of the boat.

After that, you will get to discover the Edfu temple where your Egyptologist will tell you everything about the area. Close your night with a Galabya party while cruising through the night.

Where to Go in Egypt Tour
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Where to Go in Egypt Tour

Day 5 – Luxor. A City of Egyptian Mystery

Once in Luxor, you will spend the day with your private guide visiting temples and the West Bank, from the North to the East. Luxor is the perfect place to truly enjoy Egyptian culture and identity.

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Entrance to the temple of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt

Day 6 – History and Culture

Here again, the Osiris representatives will pick you up from your Nile Cruise to the Airport.

egyptian museum tours
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A statue of god Anubis

Once in Cairo, you will spend your day visiting museums with your private tour guide, eat at local restaurants and explore the bazaars around Khan Kahlili to experience the old city of Cairo. Head after that to your hotel, The Fairmont Nile City, located right by the River Nile.

Day 7 – Safe Travel and Wonderful Memories

Your private chauffeur will pick you up for the airport and assist you until you board. It does not matter how many times we have been to Egypt, the country never gets old and we never get bored. Egypt is safe and the tour is a great and easy way to get a glimpse of this magnificent part of the world.

Testimonials From Happy Travelers

My husband and I just got back from a 10 day trip in Egypt with Osiris Tours and had a fantastic time. We were looking for a custom, private tour and are so grateful that we found Osiris Tours. All company staff was incredibly professional, friendly, punctual and knowledgeable


Washington D.C.

I found Osiris on TripAdvisor after looking at another company with mixed success. 
I am so glad I found this priceless gem of a tour! I'm fairly well traveled but Egypt was like nowhere I've ever been.

Erik R.

Geneva, Switzerland

Our group 12 friends had high expectations for this trip -- a trip of a lifetime. Our expectations were met and exceeded! Starting in the Cairo airport, Osiris representatives took care of all visas and brought us to our hotel where we met our guide for our journey. We can't say enough wonderful things about our guide.


Concord, New Hampshire

We had an amazing trip to Egypt. It was even more amazing than I had envisioned. The tombs and temples in Luxor were unbelievable. It wouldn’t have been nearly as fabulous without Sam our tour guide who was with us from start to finish.


Birmingham, Alabama




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